Charming of Koh Yao

What is charming of Koh Yao?

 If everyone heard the word Island, It must be thought that it is the place in the middle of the sea.  It is a difficult place to travel to experience it. Is a small place probably not very interesting probably not the place that is one of your choices, But who would think that this island. There are more than words that the island really is a place that anyone can experience. Will be fascinated with nature

  The magic of this island beautiful both the natural environment and the minds of people living on the island. The smile of the people on the island that is always ready for everyone to visit . Everyone probably wants to know this island. This island is called Koh Yao. Koh Yao, aside from being a sea, is also a place rich in forests, mountains, and watersheds, which can be eaten throughout the year by people on the island. There is also a rice field on the island. For the people in the island to farm.  Some people may not be able to imagine. That it is an island, Then how can there be paddy?  But this island really has and still have a livelihood, a traditional way of life on many islands that are interesting. If wanting to know how good . Koh Yao is  What's good to come? Want to try to experience it for yourself . Then you will fall in love with KohYao Like we fall in love.