• "Holy water wells" in Koh Yao Noi

    "Holy water wells" or foreigners, called "Holy Spring Water", lie along the western seaboard of Baan An Pao . Mangrove forest area The villagers found this spring in th..

  • Lobster raising cage in Koh Yao

    Lobster raising cage big attraction on Koh Yao. Which is the area lobster - 7 color Lobster. Most villagers accept orders to Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga. In addition to raising lobster - 7 c..

  • Many beautiful accommodation

    Accommodation, resorts and many beautiful hotels in Koh Yao. Is very ready to welcome tourists to travel to Koh Yao. Who come to stay will definitely enjoy the peace, tranquility and beautif..

  • The rice field of Koh Yao.

    Many people may not yet know that Koh Yao has one of the best rice growing areas in Andaman. Currently, the rice field is jasmine. On the island are holding a bouquet of glittering yellow..

  • Important part in the movie Mechanic 2 at Koh Yao.

    The beautiful white sand beach is the setting for the movie Mechanic 2, which is known to many people for its long, pure white sand beach. It is an ideal place to sleep. Listen to the sound ..

  • How to live the life of Koh Yao people

    Koh Yao people have a lifestyle that is truly unique to being a Koh Yao. And this is another way to make a living Of villagers in Ko Yao That is, fishing with a wandering tree. Fishing like ..

  • Charming of Koh Yao

    If everyone heard the word Island, It must be thought that it is the place in the middle of the sea. It is a difficult place to travel to experience it. Is a small place probably not ver..

  • Rock climbing

    Do you dare to challenge yourself and try rock climbing in Phi Phi? Krabi Province

  • Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam

    Let’s start with the attractions in Krabi town first. Just 20 minutes